Xotic Effects

After years of looking for the ultimate overdrive pedals I have finally found the Holy Grail! The "Tremendous Trio" from Xotic Effects. Basically a trio of boost and overdrive pedals so transparent and toneful, you have to hear them to believe it!

 I have been using the RC Booster, AC Booster and BB Preamp on every single recording I have done. And I will mix and match them on my pedal board for live gigs. They all sound great.

The RC Booster is a clean boost. What a great pedal ... just plug it in and everything you do sounds better, Just brings the music to life. A magic box.

The AC Booster is more crunchy and vintage colored than the RC. Warm sounding pedal that sounds really nice pushing my amp. Ads just enough saturation to spice things up when needed. Love this pedal.

The BB Pre Amp can melt your face off if your not careful! Awesome pedal ... cranking the gain can push things over the top while backing the gain down sets can give you that edgy blues tone. I like this pedal for generating the "violin like" tones for lead playing specifically.

 They all come with EQ and are built really well. Awesome stuff. Happy to be on board the Xotic team.

Check them out at Xotic Effects and Amps