Analogman Effects

Analog Mike Piera knows his pedals! I am so happy to have discovered Analogman's incredible line of all analog effects. The build quality and the sonics of the AnalogMan pedals are second to none!

The BiChorus and the ARDX20 delays are both permanent fixtures on my pedal board. The Analogman chorus might be the best chorus I have ever played. Such a natural and organic tone The other amazing feature of the BiChorus is the stereo outputs. Nice to find a true analog Chorus with stereo outputs. I always favor an analog delay over the digital alternative. The ARDX20 warm and toneful delay never seems to get in the way, even when I have it set to a very wet setting. Adding this delay to my lead tones adds a beautiful ambience to the sound, always rich and warm. Just a fantastic delay effect!

Check them out at Analogman.